Bamboo Cladding Lismore

Today, commercial as well as residential property owners are focusing on creating spaces that look unique and attractive. This means using conventional and new materials in an interesting way to create a dramatic effect. We at Bambooply have been providing high quality bamboo products that can be used in interior and exterior applications. Bamboo cladding in Lismore is fast becoming the preferred alternative to plywood and hardwood products. People are increasingly realising that it’s important to use more environment-friendly products in constructions and remodelling projects; and bamboo becomes a natural choice in this respect.

Range of Applications

Not only does bamboo cladding in Lismore look stunning, but it is sustainable, has fantastic strength and is amazingly versatile. The Bamboo cladding we provide can be used in a range of applications, such as for:

  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Cabinetry
  • Feature panels
  • Staircases
  • Internal retaining walls
  • Doors
  • Other

Very simply, this bamboo cladding in Lismore is so versatile that it can be used to create a stunning look in almost any part of your home or commercial establishment. Apart from cladding, we also provide other products including bamboo panels, bamboo flooring and bamboo sheeting. We have years of experience in this space and over the years, have built a very strong reputation in the region; we cater to small and big requirements  for these products and have provided these to individual customers, builders and architects, retail and other commercial establishment owners, the hospitality industry etc.

The Benefits

This material lends the right look in any kind of setting. Depending on how bamboo cladding in Lismore   is used, it can create a formal or casual look. There are a number of benefits to using this material, including:

  • Easy to install
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Lightweight compared to cladding like wood, stone etc
  • Versatile
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Available in finishes such as stain, lacquer and oil
  • 100% rapidly renewable
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Durability and strength

Why Opt for Bamboo Cladding?

Today, the focus is on reducing the carbon footprint and the fact is that when you use man-made materials or even any type of lumber, you are stressing the environment. On the other hand, when you choose to use bamboo cladding in Lismore, you do your bit for the environment and get stunning spaces on your property. You will find that it’s possible to transform the look of the interiors of your home or commercial establishment very easily, quickly and economically, with our bamboo cladding in Lismore.

With us you are always assured of high quality products, a wide range and prices you will be pleasantly surprised with. You just have to tell us what application you are considering bamboo cladding for and our experts will provide you the best alternatives. For more information, call Bambooply at (02) 6688 4188. Alternatively, send us your queries via email and we will revert within a short time.