Bamboo Flooring in Lismore

When you are choosing any type of flooring for your home or commercial establishment, you want to be sure that it will look good, be strong and last long.  Today, there are a number of materials in the market, but bamboo flooring in Lismore is becoming the preferred choice of people across the country.

What is Bamboo Flooring in Lismore?

In the course of its manufacture, bamboo is first stripped & then compressed at very high temperatures. This is what makes the floor hard, dense and stable. We at Bambooply have been providing high grade bamboo cladding, bamboo panels as well as bamboo sheeting and flooring that can be used in various applications and settings. All these products are of the highest quality and the focus is on maintaining very high standards of quality at all times.

The bamboo flooring in Lismore that we provide has multiple layers of high performance materials; it also has a special top layer that resists scratches and stains. What you get is a fully-finished floor and you don’t have to deal with any standard onsite sanding & polishing.

Why Bamboo?

So why exactly is bamboo such a popular choice for flooring? There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Eco-Friendly- Today, there has been an interior design trend shift. The focus is on using high grade products that are also eco-friendly. Bamboo flooring in Lismore is 100% recyclable and this makes it extremely eco-friendly. It is an excellent material for anyone who wants to decorate their house without adding to their carbon footprint. When you use bamboo flooring, you are doing your bit for the environment as precious timber forests don’t have to be cut down to beautify your house.
  • Ease of Installation- People want stylistic and elegant homes, but they also want simple solutions. Bamboo flooring is extremely easy to install though you will need a skilled installer to handle the job for you. This means its less of a hassle for you and you get a beautiful floor, installed quickly and easily
  • Aesthetics- This factor cannot be overlooked. Everyone wants the interior spaces of their home or commercial establishment to look attractive. Bamboo has a very distinct appeal and looks stunning in formal as well as informally-designed spaces.
  • Lightweight- Though the material is very hardy, it’s also extremely lightweight in comparison to materials such as hardwood, natural stone or tiles that may be used for flooring. This adds to the stability of the building structure as it doesn’t overburden it
  • Design versatility– Since its available in a range of styles, designs, colours, finishes and textures, the material can be used as flooring in any space.

In addition to all these benefits, bamboo flooring in Lismore is strong and durable and requires very little maintenance. For more information, call Bambooply at (02) 6688 4188. Alternatively, send us your queries via email and we will revert within a short time.