Bamboo Ply Quick Installation Guide

Bamboo Ply can easily be fixed to timber or metal batons. It can also be fixed directly to masonry or brick walls by glue & pin method.

  • Join sheets horizontally or vertically with beading of timber, split cane & bamboo etc.
  • When using bamboo ply in conjunction with exposed beams, plan your job to cover the joins with the exposed beams.
  • Bamboo ply can be easily cut to size with normal power tools.
  • Bamboo ply is very flexible, it can be easily formed & molded to curved shapes.

2ply fixing at 400-450 mm centers

3ply fixing at 600 mm centers

5ply fixing at 800-900mm centers

Note: We advise only to use Polyurethane, oil based clears, enamel pants or timber stains on our bamboo products.

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Bamboo Flooring Quick Installation Guide:

An underlay is required to moisture proof the floor to be placed above.

It is very important that suitable expansion joints are left at all the perimeters of the floor, bamboo expands and contracts as well as being hydroscopic, it also absorbs mousture from the atmosphere, adequate expansion is imperative, at least 2mm per meter is required.

Example, if you are installing in an area where the floor is:

6m x 8m then allow for 6×2=12mm and 8×2=16mm, best leave minimum 10 to 15mm.

If there is insufficient expansion your floor will buckle, bend, crack and split.

Follow the installation procedures, which are enclosed in the packaging boxes.

It is always better to get the floor installed by a licensed floor layer, they have the right experience and technical know – how to deal with various issues that nee to be taken care during the installation process.

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Not sure about installation please phone us for information