Bamboo Flooring Warranty Guide

The pre-finished bamboo floor is both durable and very easy to maintain.

The key to quality maintenance and protection of your floor is to maintain this UV finish and the following Bamboo floor care recommendations are necessary.

Bamboo Flooring Warranty  Information and guide lines:

Residential Guarantee Applications

This guarantee only applies to installations performed by a licensed Bamboo/Timber Floor layer. To validate this guarantee, you must fill in the return form and send to the Suppliers, this guarantee only applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable, you must maintain your floors as per the instructions set down in the warranty conditions under “Care & Maintenance” cleaning agents must be approved by manufacture as these may cause damage and your floor may be void of its warranty, this warranty applies to Residential Use Only. This guarantee is limited to either replacing or repairing the damaged section of the floor; and the final decision rests with Suppliers.

Surface Finish-Twenty Five Years Warranty

The Suppliers warrants that the surface finish has been applied under strict quality control systems by the Suppliers. The warranty excludes any indentations and surface damages which have been caused through lack of care, or the lack of proper maintenance, negligence, misuse, walking with stiletto heals or stones on shoes, nails, spiked shoes, water damage, other liquids or chemicals, abrasives of any kind not mentioned and insufficient pre protection. The damaged section must be visible and must cover at least 10% of the floor area. The reduction of the sheen-gloss is not considered surface wear.

Structural Lifetime Warranty

Suppliers warrants that the floor structure will remain free from Suppliers defects, this warranty is applicable to both Commercial and domestic use, provided that normal environmental conditions have been maintained.

Normal Environmental Conditions

This means that both heating & ventilation systems must be constructed to maintain a level between 40% & 60% relative humidity in the air, all year round. This warranty does not cover damage,which may be caused due to high levels of moisture, poor transportation, high humidity, prolonged periods of rain, direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold conditions and Installation procedure not according to the Suppliers guidelines.

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